To ensure the generator always works well, fuel economy and safety for users, the generator system should be maintenance - regular maintenance and periodic as recommended by the manufacturer.
JSC Construction & Trade Truong Loc please provide processes include some work during maintenance - maintenance of generators to customers can refer to. Depending on the system and the nature and conditions of use in each unit, customers can choose to add, remove all reasonable steps to obtain the generator system works best, effective and safest.


A. Maintenance of the motor:

1. Check and sanitation fin lube filter, perform oil changes generator 200 hours / times.

2. Run the generator in conditions of load and no-load.

3. Check the lubricating oil change if necessary.

4. Check the oil level and oil lubrication visits size.

5. Check the coolant leaks, lubricating oil and fuel.

6. Remember parameters pressure and temperature lubricant coolant.

7. Check the battery and battery charger

8. Check the coolant level.

9. Check whether the air filter fin clogged not.

10. Drain, residue from the bottom of the fuel tank.

11. Check the fuel supply system

12. Check the exhaust air system.

13. Clean the entire generator.

14. Check all the straps.

15. Check motor launch.

16. Replace the filter fin lubricants.

17. Check the filter and fin toilet if necessary.

18. Replace the fuel filter fin if necessary.

19. Drain the fuel gas system.

20. Check the lubrication lines for turbocharger tubor.

21. Check the leakage of gas transmission systems.

22. Check the valve clearances if necessary.

23. Check, toilet nozzle if necessary.

24. Check the status of tubor work.

25. Replace the air filter fin.

26. Clean the cooling system, cooling water changes after 2 years.

27. Check and adjust the speed controller if necessary.

28. Tighten the screw bolts

29. Check the safety system of the machine.

30. Check dampers and joints.

31. Check the accessories of the machine.

Maintenance player B.

1. Record the voltage indicator, current and frequency.

2. Check the stimulator

3. Check the pressure automatically adjusts

4. Check and tighten the connections.

C. Check panel and associated equipment

1. Check the function of the panel

2. Check the auxiliary equipment

3. Check the power supply circuit.

4. Check the measurement device and instructions.

5. Check the self phase.

6. Clean the panel.

7. Check the insulation of old plays.

8. Dry the tubers generator if necessary.

9. Clean the entire machine

10. Check the automatic transfer switch ATS.

11. Repainting the peeling paint, rust in the chamber and the generator itself.

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