- Warranty policy is applied to all the goods, equipment, machinery provided by Truong Loc.

- That is not applied to services and attrition goods (diesel, gasoline, oil, lubricant, filters…)

- Period: according to Sales contract


- The goods are unbroken same as handover and acceptance.

- The reason for warranty or return shall be agreed by both parties and make record at site (may invite the third party to inspect and supervise)

- Warranty time: depends on manufacture’s regulations and contract conditions.


- To avoid risk of expense and damages, when customers ask for warranty-return of goods, services, the reason shall be verified and made in record documents.

- The delivery, installation, inspection, handover… and other arised expenses shall be handled according to terms and conditions in the contract.

- In case of returning goods or warranty implementation, depends on each case, the arised expense shall be made in agreement and both parties sign an annex of warranty.

- In case of returning goods, the deposit amount (payment) shall be returned after deducting all expensed born by the buyer according to the agreement.