1. Scope of application.

- Apply to equipments, machines, components supplied by Truong Loc.

- Not apply to services, consumable products (petrol, oil, viscous, filter types etc)

- Period of application: agreed in the contract

2. Conditions of warranty and replacement.

- Intact according to the acceptance certificate handed over before.

- Reason of warranty or replacement must be confirmed by both parties and recorded on the spot (can invite the third party to verify, supervise etc)

- Period of warranty – replacement: depend on the regulation of the manufacturer and agreed in the contract.

3. Process arise – Refund.

- Goods and equipments are transferred in many steps to avoid the risk of unexpected expenses so when the customer requires warranty – replace goods, services, the cause will be identified and signed into text.

- The costs of transportation, installation, inspection, transfer, ... and other accrued expenses will be processed according to the agreed in the contract.

- In case of replace or warranty, depending on each reason, the accrued expenses will be agreed and signed into contract’s appendix.

- In the condition that customer returns the goods, the receipt advanced (payment) will be refunded after deducting the accrued expenses by the purchaser (as agreed).