Maintenance, generator maintenance is essential work for the unit that uses a generator regardless machines for production or backup. The maintenance of the engine more reliable operation and minimize minor damage but sometimes big nuisance for the user. In the state of the national power supply does not provide enough for their daily needs, manufacturing and other business activities causing frequent power outages today, maintenance, generator maintenance becomes important. You need to check, generator maintenance periodically from 3-6 months / 1 time for when you need to use a generator is used immediately without any obstacle encountered a problem due to generator failure.
Construction Joint Stock Company and Trade Truong Loc we specialize in getting maintenance, generator maintenance preferential prices, competition and the best after-sales service, minimize cost to customers .
Especially to reduce costs, while ensuring the stability of the power supply during the production and business of our customers. Construction Joint Stock Company and Trade Truong Loc receive maintenance, generator maintenance long-term with long-term contracts associated preferential prices.
We would like to send the customer maintenance procedures for generators following reference customers.


A. Check the engine consists of the following components

1. The cooling and engine cooling

2. The system of water tanks, pipes, valves rust filters, radiators, water discharge valves, blowers, pumps convection island.

3. The system pressure viscosity, pressure pipes, oil filter, lubricant and cleaning exhaust all debris is closed during machine operation.

4. The system oil pressure, oil pressure pipes, dirty oil drain valve, creating pressure pumps, high pressure pumps, oil filters.

5. The engine air filter systems, turbo rotor.

6. soupape system, engine valve clearance.

7. Check the wear and tear, the trailers (silver bullets, silver and oil, and other mechanical parts).

8. The injection system of the engine oil.

9. Wire courroie fan, charging generator cuorroie wire (DC), demarreur, poulie.

10. Check the lubrication of the bearings of trailers, heavy pressure dampers (bearings with lubrication deficiency, rubber dampers have been hardened or no vibration damping on the tripod.

11. Check the sediment cup and cup of cooling water, reflux cooler.

12. Check all bolts have been loosened nut no.

B. generator system alternating current (AC), generators (DC) consists of the following system

1. Check the rotor, stator alternating current generator.

2. Measure the insulation, magnetic induction, brushless (if any).

3. The system of wires, power loss on the line, the current capacity of the machine can be put into use for the load.

4. The coefficient of excitation of the AVR.

5. The system control circuit.

6. Protection system (AC, DC)

7. Adjust indicator systems, controls, switches startup, shutdown, switch points Ampere, Volt.

8. The level of the average electric load and battery electrolyte level.

9. Check the trailers of the hoses.

10. Check the specified coefficient of Volt meter, ampere, frequency, oil, grease, water, time, measurement speed.

11. Check the pressure indicator light viscosity, water temperature, battery charging, the voltage knob, light heating.

12. Measure the trailers - le leakage breaker, breaker start, shutdown.

13. Check the deviation between phases.



1. After checking the overall electricity generators, experts will calibration standards (machine operations from 90% to 100% capacity of the machine).

2. In the process of checking the equipment, supplies and damaged or obsolete use, maintenance personnel will declare the parameters of the device need to be replaced recovery or report back to customers. These devices can be used we try to rebalance our customers to reduce costs.

3. The spare parts include oil refining, lubricant is not calibrated, should be replaced.

4. alternative mode based on the number of hours of operation of the machine. For the oil filter, oil filter, air filter from 150 hours to 200 hours of machine run.

5. For belt based on elasticity, cooling water based on the uptime of the machine (about 500 hours of machine run).

6. Construction Joint Stock Company and Trade Truong Loc responsible for checking all of the key details, such as simultaneous checks on and going into minor details.


1. Complete the maintenance work time 3 to 4 days after signing the contract.
The warranty period for a maintenance time is 03 months from the date of signing the test records.

2. During the warranty period JSC Construction and Trade Truong Loc shall have timely rescue when a technical problem occurred on machines that customers do not fix repairs, expenses for rescue work including materials, components and equipment replacement company will pay you for our company if available.


1. Replacement parts, if any, are warranted for 03 months or 200 hours of machine run (parts by JSC Construction and Trade Truong Loc offer, excluding fuel filter, oil filter, air filter) , whichever comes first.

2. JSC Construction and Trade Truong Loc responsible for warranty if the spare parts on non-standard.

3. Construction Joint Stock Company and Trade Truong Loc is not responsible for damage caused by the accident. Improper use under the guidance of technical experts or natural wear during operation.

4. Technical Construction Joint Stock Company and Trade Truong Loc we will teach how to operate and use for employees of customers.