The process of formation - development



From the mid-80s, Truong Loc was a familiar address of the customers wishing to use diesel generators. At that time, there were about 50 staff and skilled workers with a broad 15,000m2 factory of Quoc Oai industrial zone - Hanoi route Thang Long Avenue. Is a convenient location for transportation and very close to the center of cultural - national politics plant located between connecting route Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park and Hanoi. By mid-2003, the official Truong Loc internal equity and established a joint stock company and commercial construction Loc Truong, with staff workers operating up to 200 people, the basic training likely serve customers from rural to urban areas from the South to the North. Loc school dedicated to providing assembly, import and leasing of generators, repair services and maintenance maintenance of diesel generators with a capacity of 10 KVA - 2500KVA.

Along with the development of national economy, Truong Loc also constantly growing and moving up. Truong Loc brand has always been trusted by customers, is the trusted partner of many key projects. With a team of engineers and technical workers have more experience, have worked closely with production facilities in twenty years, the leadership always creative, know that goes to actual needs of customers always gives customers the optimal technical solution, the most effective.

Truong Loc can be proud to contribute to contribute a small part in the overall development of the country, serving backup power for events national stature such as the Conference of French-speaking countries, Apec conference, Seagame cultural and sports activities and other politicians of the country.

Assembly plant generators invested Truong Loc devices modern technological lines, production capacity could reach 2,000 products a year. Shear lines and automatic CNC punching, electrostatic paint lines and test equipment, load test on the computing device.


- 1985: Establishment of specialized manufacturing business, leased diesel generators 10KVA - 2500KVA.

- 1990: Established more business TT warranty, maintenance, rental of generators in Hanoi.

- 2000: Investment in building the plant with an area of ​​15,000m2 10,000m2 plot of land on specialized production and assembly of products TL power generators.

- 2003: Transformation into a joint stock company.

- On 20/08/2003: Established JSC and commercial construction Loc Truong.

- 2006: Increased capital to 10 billion company, expanded business lines.

- 2009: Diversify vocational and expand production. Industry production and business of the company today are: production engineering, machining and assembly, business generators, repair and maintenance services, rental generator products. Establishing a representative office in Haiphong address: New Road Km 89 - An Duong - Hai Phong.

- 2010: increase its chartered capital to VND 125.68 billion. Establishing a representative office in Quang Ninh.

- 2013: Establishment of branches in Tinh Gia - Thanh Hoa and representative offices in Myanmar.

- 2014: increase its chartered capital to 150 billion dong.

- 2015: Establishment of branches in Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.