The process of formation - development



 Since the mid-80s, Truong Loc has been a familiar address of the customer wishing to use Diesel power generation. At that time, there were about 50 skilled workers and technicians with a broad 12.000m2 factory of Quoc Oai industrial zone on the Thang Long highway, Hanoi. It was a convenient address for transportation and very close to cultural – national politic center. The factory was located in the middle of the road connecting Hoa Lac Hi-Tech park and Hanoi. By mid-2003, Truong Loc was officially incorporated and established Truong Loc construction and trading joint stock company with 200 basic training employees. They have the ability to serve customer from rural to urban, and from the South to the North. Truong Loc specializes in supplying assembly, import and leasing of genset, repairing and eminence service of Diesel genset with a capacity of 10 KVA – 2500 KVA. 

Along with the development of national economic, Truong Loc also constantly grow and move up. Truong Loc brand is always trusted by customers, and is a reliable partner of many key projects. With a team of experienced engineers and technical workers who have been with production facilities for over twenty years, close to the real needs of customer, and always bring customer the most optimal and effective technical solutions. 

Truong Loc can be proud of contributing a small part to overall development of country, serves backup electric for national stature events such as the French - speaking Conference, Apec conference, Sea game and other cultural, sport, political activities of country. 

Truong Lộc assembly genset plant is equipped with modern technological equipment; the production capacity can reach 2,000 products per year. Shearing and automatic CNC  punching lines, electrostatic paint lines and testing equipment, testing on computer equipment.



-       In 1985: Established specialized manufacturing business, diesel 10KVA – 2500KVA genset.

-       In 1990: Established more business center for maintenance, repair, rental of genset at Hanoi.

-       In 2000: Invested in building factory with an area of 12.000m2 on land lot 15.000m2 specializing production and assembly of products TL power generation.

-       In 2003: Converted to a joint stock company.

-       On 20/08/2003: Established Truong Loc construction and trading joint stock company.

-       In 2006: Increased charter capital to 10 billion VND, expanded business lines.

-       In 2009: Diversify jobs, expanded production. Current production and business lines of the company are: mechanical production, assembling, trading genset, repair service, genset for rent. Established representative office in Hai Phong city: Address: 89 New Road - An Duong - Hai Phong.

-       In 2010: Increased charter capital to 125,680,000,000 dong. Established representative office in Quang Ninh.

-       In 2013: Established branch in Tinh Gia - Thanh Hoa and representative office in Myanmar.

-       In 2014: Increased charter capital to 150 billion VND (one hundred and fifty billion VND).

-       In 2015: Established branches in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Involved to build BOT (Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh) road with the total investment of 3,000 billion VND.

-       In 2016: Increased charter capital to 200 billion VND (two hundred billion VND). Expanded production sales and rental crane business with total investment up to 300 billion VND. Invested in shares of “36” Company - Ministry of Defense and reached 140 billion VND. Invested in contributing capital to buy ASEAN hotel - Chua Boc - Hanoi up to 120 billion VND.

-       In 2017: Established representative offices in Thai Nguyen and Quang Ngai. In December 2017, the charter capital was increased to 300 billion VND (three hundred billion VND).