1. Policy.

Subject of complaint: organizations, individuals use product, service that supplied by Truong Loc (customer can authorize to the legal representative in special case).

- Complaint form: customer that has any complaint, reflection about products, service supplied by Truong Loc can complain directly at branch, office or indirectly by calling 0243 5527527, send email, official correspondence or another form…

- Principle of solving complaint: Truong Loc Construction and Trading JSC has the right to refuse settling complaints without foundations, evidences or not directly under the unit of settlement.

2. Step of Action.

Step 1: receive and reply complaints.

- Every staff, unit, branch of Truong Loc has the responbility to receive complanits, reflections of customers.

- Send complaint reply document in 03 days since received complaint ( to the documents, emails, calls…)

Step 2: Verify and process.

- After receiving complaints and reflections of customers, the reception department will check initiatively and settling within functions and authorities.

- Complaints that are not under the settling competence of the reception department will be co-ordinated to the higher level to settle according to competence (no more than ½ days after receiving).

Step 3: Units, individuals can consider and settle.

\- Units and individuals under the jurisdiction of Truong Loc’s regulations will check and verify the complain information of customers.

- Depend on each case, technicians, engineers and high-level experts will check and verify the problem directly.

- Technical, warranty department or higher level department will propose the final solution.

Step 4: Anwser customer.

- Whenever there is a test result, Truong Loc will respond to the customer in various forms: calling, meeting directly, send a response document, send an email … depends on the first complaint form and according to the incident complaint.

- The complaint processing plan will be implemented according to the warranty regulation of the company, the manufacturer and the contract.

- If the customer disagrees with the result: Within the next 7 days the functional department has the responsibility to re-examine the complaint and response to the customer.

Step 5: End the complaint.

Save the profile and finish the complaint