- Any customer including company or individual who buy goods and/or services of Truong Loc (in special case customers can authorized to their legal representatives) can feedback to us on complaint and others.

- Customers who have complaint and feedback about our goods and/or services supplied by Truong Loc please send directly to our branches, offices; or call to our hotline 0243 5527 527; send email or written documents; or other methods…

- Truong Loc reserves full rights of refusing and not handling any complaint without evidence or not under our authorization.


Step 1. Receive and respond

- All of our staff, office, branches under Truong Loc have responsibilities to receive complaint from customers.

- We will feedback to the complaint within 03 days from the date of receiving (in case of complaint by written documents, email, telephone…)

Step 2: Check and handle

- After receiving the feedback from customers, we will check and handle the case according to our responsibilities and authorization.

- The complaint that is beyond receiver’s authorization shall be handed to superior level and handle according to their authorization (in less than half a day after receiving)

Step 3: People in charge

- The people/team in charge according to Truong Loc regulations shall check and verify the complaint information.

- Depend on each case, technicial, engineer, or executive shall come to directly check and determine the incident according to customer’s complaint.

- The technical and warranty team or superior level shall make final decision.

Step 4: Feedback to customers

- After getting final decision, Truong Loc shall feedback to customers by: telephone, direct meeting, written documents, email… depends on the prior methods of complaint and complaint incidents.

- Handling methods shall be done according to regulations of company, manufacturers, and agreement in the contract.

- In case customers don’t agree with our handling decision: within 07 days, the assigned team shall re-check and feedback to customers.

Step 5: Close the case

- Make record and close the case.