Mission - Vision - Strategy



Truong Loc construction and trading joint stock company has trusted by consumer and meet the essential is to create competitiveness ability in the domestic market as well as international market. It brings Truong Loc a host of advantages in the market, Truong Loc is desired to become reliable partner of enterprises, big corporations at home and abroad, always encourage and create a lot of opportunities for all members in the company promoting their talents and strengths to contribute Truong Loc and their family life.


1.     Bring value to the customer because our customers are people who bring benefit to the enterprise and bring survival and development to the business. Moreover, Truong Loc has also satisfied the demand of customer and provide customer satisfaction when they use products and services of Truong Loc company.

2.     Bring real value to labors who have been working day and night to create products, services for customers. They are representative of company in contact with customers. Truong Loc has created many favorable conditions to take care of life, with preferential income policy, advanced training for skilled knowledge of workers.

3.     Bring value to shareholders, investors who are also business owner as well as representatives of capital contribution ensuring operation of Truong Loc. Truong Lộc will guarantee that the sources of profit will be matched to their capital contribution.

4.     Bring value to community, society…

Truong Loc’s orientation is becoming a powerful economic group on the basis of strengthening and developing the brand TL Power. That is shown by the bellowed policy:

1.     Satisfying the needs and expectations of customers.

2.     Growing the sense of responsibilities, initiative and creativity, to maximize the potential and advantages of company.

3.     Make sure the environment is increasingly green, clean, and beautiful.

4.     In the interest of each member and the community.

5.     Converting Truong Loc into an iconic enterprise culture.


We always believed that a team of high educated staff with professional skills is the decisive factor that brought success to the brand TL Power. Thus, we are trying our best to train a team of staff in accordance with the objectives set out, there are programs to support our staffs to develop career skills and managements skills. More importantly, we create professional work environment for employees to maximize individual talents, with career development opportunities.

Efforts to build a leading brand in association with a typical cultural enterprise environment.

Professional and modern work environment with remuneration of wages, bonuses, development training, ensure the uniformity of employees, firmly in professional knowledge and professional competence – we always proud of that!

Work at Truong Loc, you have opportunities to:

-       Attractive, competitive salary.

-       Professional, modern, cooperation work environment.

-       Annual reward system.

-       Perfect health and society insurance regime.

-       The opportunity to develop and promote.