I. Transporting equipment.

- Depending on customer’s requirements, goods are transfered at Truong Loc Factory or transported to site (the location is required in the contract).

- Shipping expenses are clearly defined in the sales contract.

- Transportation means depends on the type of product, traffic, situations, location of delivery.

- Time of transportation depends on the requirements of customers and situations, locations of delivery.

II. Installation.

- Depending on customer’s requirements, equipments are installed, connected to system, infrastructure.

- Installation and finished expense is clearly defined in the purchase and sale contract.

- Time of installation: depend on work progress and requirements of customer

III. Commodity transference.

Equipment are transferred in many steps that depends on customer’s requirements.

- Transfer at Truong Loc Factory or at Port (Imported equipment)

- Transfer at the site before installing.

- Transfer after installing completely, putting into service.