Kohler Co. (Kohler Power Systems) has a long history of development, has been established since 1873. The company moved the manufacturing plant in Wisconsin (USA) in 1899 and began expanding lines from generators 20 years of the 19th century.
Kohler generators are trademarks of American popular worldwide and known as one of the pioneering companies producing generation generator automatically first, today Kohler continued application of new achievements of computer technology to improve the quality of products, can meet all the requirements of the most demanding customers from residential to heavy industry and became ngiep close friend of the people by the pros highlights as:
- Operator safety with automatic system startup and self-closing.
- Compact generator directly generate resources.
- Noise emissions and environmentally friendly.
- In the process of production and the factory machines and parts are tested sample.
- Easily move, fuel economy and price competition.
Current product brands Kohler generators were present across 6 continents with branches scattered around the world. Kohler generators brands ranging in capacity from 10KVA - 2500KVA meet most demand of the market. In Vietnam, Kohler generator units are imported from countries such as France, the US, Singapore, China, ... depending on the requirements of customers.