DEUTZ was founded in 1864 in Cologne, Germany. Currently is the first engine manufacturer and the world's oldest and one of the leading suppliers of diesel generators, gas and other types of engines in the world. Deutz criteria towards the customer for the best ratio between costs and benefits.
     DEUTZ each received the certificate of quality management system ISO 9001, certified environmental management system ISO 14001 system certification ISO 50001 energy management, AEO certification for supply chain ensures end-to -end from the manufacturer to the consumer. Together with our partners, Deutz already developing today the technologies for the requirements of tomorrow.
     Deutz generator assembly use of Deutz diesel engines ranging in capacity from 22.5kva to 2100kva, including:

     Engine: Deutz, are genuine imports

     Alternator: Mecc (Italy), Leroy Somer (France), Crompton (India) depending on customer requirements.

     Control System: Deepsea (UK)

     Soundproof Enclosure: Designed and manufactured by Truong Loc.