I. Check:

- Check the engine oil (with oil under the oil must always be at the maximum) if there is not enough, if lacking to supplement and avoid shortages viscosity leads to the coast.

- To check the coolant (in water tanks, water must be topped up) if there is not enough, without additional dump to avoid water shortages lead to overheat, piston bunch, blowing zoang quylat.

- To check whether identical belt, if identical to rise.

- Check the batteries to see if tightly wrapped, if liquid to be tightened, avoid tick size battery explosion, fire convolution machine.

- Check the battery acid venom if there are not enough, without additional pour.

- Check the output load requirements whether liquid, if liquid to be tightened, to avoid mites loose tissue resulting electrical, fire machine.

II.No machine:

- Turn the key clockwise under 10 seconds, the ignition release his hand. For generator use Deepsea control screen, just press and hold the start button (green) for about 2 seconds.

- When the ignition must be regularly checked around the machine to see if the oil leak, where the water is not, if it leaks must be immediately remedied. Where no remedy must notify the company Truong Loc.

- Check the temperature whether NOC safe level (70-90 degrees)

- Check the machine to see if different bangs, if so overcome.

- Check the oil pressure in the safe? (2.5 kg safe level to 6 kg).

- Check if there is enough voltage (from 380V to 400V)

- Check the frequency considered enough? (50Hz to 52Hz from), if not enough, turn the black button with the letter H (increased) L (reduced).

- If the pressure, voltage, frequency is not enough to rectify

- Check to see if battery charging is not loaded.

- If all of the above specifications, the safety shut off load Circuit Breakers

- Attention:

- Request to close large loads to shut down the load pickup.

- Absolutely not idling overload fracture leads to the crankshaft, piston bunch heater ...

- When the machine has to work to go around the machine on regular checking the technical condition of the machine, check the oil pressure, water temperature and clock V, Hz, A.

III.Tat machine:

- Cut out the load, cutting Circuit Breakers, shutdown (buton red button until the machine stopped, then release the hand out)


- Must industrial hygiene before and after each shift machine.

- Be prepared equipment fire prevention, precaution incident.

- It is recommended that those without duties not read from the adjustment of the machine specifications.

- After 200 hours running to change the oil, filter cup.

- Fuel run: diesel.

- Lubricating oils used for diesel engines with turbocharging.

- In the case of dusty environment, then after 200 hours to replace the air filters.