1. Note the capacity of the machine

When buying a generator, we should count before devices are expected to use when power is how many categories to calculate the total power consumption, which can be selected from generators with a capacity suited to avoid causing overload, short circuit, fire and objects connected to the generator. In order to increase the longevity and durability of the generator, computer buyers should buy a generator with a capacity higher than the actual power consumption from 10% to 25%

If the only use of the family for the purpose of lighting, fan or television, you only need to buy small and medium power ranges from 2 to 4 KW. But if you want to use additional devices power consumption as much as air conditioners, water heaters, ... you should choose a larger capacity of 4 to 6 kW.

In order not to cause electrical overload as noted above, the machine should have a safety factor of about 1.1 - 1.2, ie the capacity chosen by multiplying the load capacity with safety factor.

Example: The power load is calculated: 150kva. Capacity needs to be equipped with: 150kva x 1.1 = 165KVA. Depending on the status of new or old machine, running well or not we have a safety factor of 1.1 - 1.2.

2. Do not buy unknown origin

The need to use the generator of the families in the summer is great but not so low that taking buy the generator of unknown origin, with no warranty. Because often these machines are not one reputable company will not guarantee the safety of electrical appliances in your home, more machines can be very fuel-consuming. So the initial cost may be cheaper but would turn out more costly because a large amount of fuel consumed.

One thing worth noting is that the generator has a huge noise and the aircraft can not be guaranteed or obsolete will cause noise also much larger. If you do not pay attention this time, you can buy will cause a lot of nuisance for the whole family or your neighbor's house when used.

3. Pay attention to where the machine:

Generators must be placed in cool and dry. Do not place the machine in operation to prevent toxic emissions to the user. Do not place the machine in the garage, garage, basement, or where air circulation is difficult because emissions can lead to poisoning. Only operate the generator when they are placed in a dry, flat. Do not operate the machine when wet signs due to the impact from the outside.

4. Pay attention when installing the unit:

When installation and use, we should directly connect devices to use in the transmitter power supply as this can be greatly limited use of load and avoids wasted phenomenon fire led to the first overload the generator. At the same time when installing, necessarily fitted with circuit breakers or power island cabinets automatic transfer switch (ATS) in order to prevent the machine being "steam power" grid when suddenly there again.

Never power supply by connecting the generator into a wall outlet because the phenomenon of "back feeding" can make use of a neighbor with electrocution transformers. Make sure before connecting the generator to power household electrical circuit, the electrical system must be disconnected families connected to the mains breakers public.

Replenishing want, necessarily prior to reload shutdown, then restart the generator.

Respect !