17.5 morning, the investor consortium consists Corporation 36 - Ministry of Defense, Joint Stock Company Investment and Trade in Hanoi (Hanco), JSC Construction and Trade Truong Loc held groundbreaking ceremony Investment Project Hoa Lac road construction - Peace and renovation and upgrading Highway 6 paragraph Xuan Mai - Hoa Binh in the form of build - Operate - Transfer (BOT).

 Investment projects to build the Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh and renovate and upgrade Highway 6 paragraph Xuan Mai - Hoa Binh is located on the territory of Hanoi and Hoa Binh provinces GTVTphe approval by the Ministry by Decision No. 1393 / QD BGTVT 15/04/2014. This is a project that is very important in terms of economic, political, defense and planning, as well as transport demand.

  By design, the total length of both routes is 56,5km, including Hoa Lac online - Peace in length 32,37km. 6,7km segment coincides with the beginning of the Hoa Lac - Culture Village (now Delta III road) are fully utilized; new construction next paragraph through Thach (Hanoi) and Ky Son, Binh TP.Hoa 25,67km in length. The line will be built according to the standard of grade III Delta, roadbed width of 12 meters, 11 meters wide road surface.


Xuan Mai Highway 6 section - Peace with the start line at Km38, the boundary between the town of Xuan Mai, Chuong My district, (Hanoi) and the town of Liangshan (Peace); the end point at Km70 +932.4 Dong Tien Ward, City of Peace.

The route has a total length of 30.8 km, paragraph Km64 - Km67 + 510 coincides with the Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh. The service will remain with the existing scale carpet mats add a layer of concrete to increase the intensity of the road surface.


Accordingly, both projects will use about 141,33ha land and has a total investment of 2989 billion, of which 1.480 billion is the cost of construction, equipment and investment in BOT. Investors will raise equity and secured loan credit is Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) to implement the project.

It is expected that the upgrading and renovation of Highway 6 will be completed and the road toll since 2015. The Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh is expected to start from the beginning of 2015; completion and start charging from 2017.

The Consortium will coordinate closely with the project management unit 2, the local government focus clearance, overcome all difficulties, held fast construction works completed on schedule, ensuring technical standards, aesthetic, quality, environmental landscape and absolute security, is scheduled for completion June 12/2016.